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the vidya collective
About Us

The Vidya Collective is a media consultancy working with clients to build, deliver and grow compelling content services. 

We have developed OTT, VOD and broadcast propositions for the world's leading content providers, aggregators and platforms.

What makes us special is our international network of multi-disciplined professionals who bring extensive experience planning, creating and delivering exciting content that viewers love. 

Led by respected content specialist Clare Kandola, our team is hand picked for every project to ensure scalable, effective solutions that enhance your existing capabilities, delivering fantastic products and business growth. 

How We Can Help You

We provide your business with the skills and agility to grasp new opportunities and adapt to a changing viewing landscape fast and effectively. 


Working with content businesses across the world, we provide  market intelligence, strategy and product development, distribution and commercial management to enhance your existing team's capabilities. 


We offer strategic, operational and commercial support to ensure our clients develop and grow innovative and engaging content services that audiences love. 

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